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group exhibitions

2011 Auction for Luca-Foundation, Commerzbank, Hamburg

2010 Laufende Ausstellung, Schanze8, Hamburg

2009 Laufende Ausstellung, Schanze8, Hamburg

2007 VERN Behind Closed Doors, The Tahoe Gallery, Nevada
2006 VERN in Heat, 55 Mercer Gallery New York
2006 VERN Inner Spaces / Outer Limits, WPCA Milwaukee
2004 VERN at the Mirror, Espejo, Madrid
2004 VERN Placebo, The Canvas Gallery, San Francisco
2003 VERN Perf, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin
2003 Art Summer, Magnus Gerdsen, Hamburg
1993 Salon, Art in General, New York
1993 Cadavre Equis, Drawing Center, New York
1992 Miauhaus, Threadwaxing Space, New York
1991 Florence-Leaf-Award-Show, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence

solo exhibitions

2003 You drive me crazy, Patrick Heide, London
2002 archinature,, Hamburg
2001 Schanze8, Schanze8, Hamburg
2000 Mindscapes, Ars Vivendi, Kronberg
2000 Mindscapes, Deutscher Herold, Berlin
1999 Microcars, Ars Vivendi, Kronberg
1999 Mindscapes, Second Sunday, Köln
1999 Mindscapes, Deutscher Herold, Hamburg
1999 Microcars, Young Generation, Hamburg
1996 Automensch, Schanze8, Hamburg
1994 Hoods, Galerie Poller, Frankfurt a. M.