Wolf Klare has run Schanze8 since May 2005 and is responsible for all administrative matters regarding the studio, including staffing, accounting and the coordination of daily business. Wolf Klare studied Primary School Pedagogy, Anglistics and Theology at Hamburg University. He’s got experience working in retail and advertising. Specifically, his work in advertising focused on promotion and events.

In his spare time, Wolf Klare works as an independent gardener.

Since 2009, Julika Notzke has served as Elisabeth Ernst’s painting assisant, and has been closely involved in the series Holsteiner and Masai Mara.  Currently, Julika is working on detailed projections of urban motives for an upcoming series.

Outside of her work at Schanze8, Julika Notzke works to complete her Master’s degree in Illustration at The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.  She also works as a freelance illustrator.

You can find Julika’s own works here: www.julikanotzke.de

Lisa Notzke received her diploma at the HFBK, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, in 2010 and works as a freelance photographer.

Since 2009, Lisa Notzke has worked at Schanze8 as the art assistant.  She oversees all exhibition-, viewing- and art related inquiries. She additionally manages the picture library of Elisath Ernst.  Together, with Julika Notzke, she is responsible for the curation of Elisabeth Ernst’s Exhibitions.

You can find Lisa’s own works here: www.lisanotzke.de

Ulrike Schuster is responsible for the complex canvases that serve as a basis for Elisabeth Ernst’s drawings and paintings. Every single canvas used at Schanze8 is built,  covered and grounded by Ulrike, who is a highly skilled carpenter. 

Additionally, Ulrike Schuster takes care of the many flowers in the backyard at Schanze8, tends the conservatory as well as the studio’s cat Lilly.

Outside of the studio, Ulrike works as a veterinary assistant.